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The 2 Become 1 Marriage Ministry is all about: Renewing and strengthening married couples through a marriage ministry that is grounded in the biblical principles of marriage as God has described in the Holy Bible.

More BHE offers an ongoing, and always growing, variety of classes for every age and stage.

Based on anonymous user data collated from over 100,000 single American men and women registered with Elite Singles, we examined how highly respondents ranked themselves when asked how happy they felt.

From this we were then able to look at the average result by location, and geographically pinpoint where America’s happiest singles are located.

Becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist was a new path for me. A serious health crisis and life-derailing event served as the catalyst for me to become a therapist.

I wrote about Lopez in my investigation of Thor Halvorssen and his Potemkin Village-like Human Rights Foundation.So far, US and international media has generally portrayed Lopez as an outspoken “maverick,” alluding only in passing to his oligarchic pedigree and hardline right-wing politics.Lopez has been involved in coup attempts that aimed to oust Hugo Chavez since the late president was first elected."While we all possess wisdom and intellect, over time, our perception might become obscured by negative interpretation of reality or by self-doubts.

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If you're finding yourself stuck, tired of trying, can't find fulfillment in life, emotional, or even depressed, I'd like to guide you through inspiring, yet challenging sessions to re-discover your center.

So, if you’re eager to meet a special someone with a smile on their dial, here are the top 10 places in America where you would be able to find a happy partner...