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25-Jul-2017 13:16

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" We got plenty of feedback, and a variety of answers.Some of our fans said that size absolutely does matter, like Daniel who wrote, "Weight matters in life, of course it matters in dating."Other users said size might matter for that instant spark, but after that, other qualities keep the relationship afloat."To start dating, yes it matters," commented Pilar.Online dating is all about navigating the cloudy waters of the dating pool to find the perfect romantic partner (or maybe casual sex and good conversation).Best of all, you can immediately avoid any of your personal deal breakers: say, long hair, smoking, or now, a penis less than seven inches long."If I'm in love afterward, well I can't even see fat. " Why It’s OK For Men To Judge Women On Their Looks Many people said weight is not the issue here, but rather what's important is overall health.

He says the inspiration for the site was a female friend who encountered a little disappointment when the man she was dating finally revealed his little friend.

I smell like a Cabernet."She also told fans how to make her best food invention – the chilli pizza sandwich.