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02-Nov-2017 16:02

Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg implied that Maher simply “made a mistake,” despite the causal nature and comfortability he showed when he used the word. Tuesday morning, a 24-hour Twitter poll showed that 59% of respondents agreed he should be fired, while 41% said he should not.

Certainly, for example, every heterosexual woman is not sexually and romantically attracted to man.

To my surprise, a number of black Instagram users have rushed to his defense, arguing that Maher, a 61-year-old white man, gets a hall pass for using the N-word.

Some argue that because he’s been an ally in the #Black Lives Matter movement, he has somehow earned the right to use the word.

I pointed out a few months ago that in online dating, Black women are sought after least compared to women of other racial/ethnic backgrounds, and white men are sought after the most compared to men of color.

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Similarly, among gay and bisexual men, Black men are often the least sought after and are more likely to be perceived as HIV-positive.Even beyond whatever effect his revelation might have on his television career, Mr.