Dating stds warts

02-Feb-2018 10:58

i ask this specifically on yelp because most of the responses are educated as opposed to immature responses.(i can contribute to those, teehee.)anyways, just out of curiousity, would any of you guys or girls consider dating someone with any STD?I encourage you to talk to your boyfriend soon about your genital warts.He deserves to be informed so that both of you can take the right steps to stay protected…in fact, he may want to visit his doctor for a visual exam to ensure he doesn’t have genital warts, too.The blisters break, leaving tender ulcers (sores) that may take two to four weeks to heal the first time they occur.Typically, another outbreak can appear weeks or months after the first, but it almost always is less severe and shorter than the first outbreak.

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During your time in nursing school, you're bound to run into a few lessons on the dangers of STDs in your patients.