Coresidential dating

16-Jul-2017 00:05

More men and women are moving in together, sharing an apartment and a bed, without getting married first.

The latest Census Bureau figures show four million couples living together outside of marriage (not counting gay couples), eight times as many as in 1970.

Conclusions: Parental housing of good quality keeps specific categories of potential nest-leavers in the parental home, but is also positively associated with the likelihood of young adults starting their housing careers as homeowners.

The connections between housing and marriage and between housing and parenthood can be characterized using the concepts of housing space, quality, and safety or security – all three of which married couples and families need more than singles – and flexibility, which couples and families need less.

• Polls find that about 60% of those surveyed accept affairs; and about 30% actually admit to having had one.

• The marriage rate has dropped by 37% in the last four decades.

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There is a strong tendency for married couples and prospective families to move into home ownership and higher quality homes.Like it or not, our society is undergoing major shifts as you read these words.