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09-Oct-2017 08:25

A systematic program of VA of a representative sample of deaths could assign broad causes not only to deaths in childhood (as has previously been established) but also to deaths in early adult life and middle age.Chennai is a South Indian city of 4.2 million people (in mid-1997) with 33 registered and 35 private burial or cremation grounds.The reliability was assessed by comparing deaths attributed to cancer by VA with records in Vital Statistics Department and Chennai Cancer Registry.The VA reduced the proportion of deaths attributed to unspecified medical causes and unknown causes from 37% to 7% in early adult life and middle age (25–69 yrs) and has yielded fewer unspecified causes (only 10%) than the death certificate.Trained non-medical graduates with at least 15 years of formal education interviewed the surviving family members or an associate of the deceased to write a report on the complaints, symptoms, signs, duration and treatment details of illness prior to death.

“The number was 238 during the 2015-16 fiscal year. In a two year period, the demand for such adult sex toys have doubled,” noted a customs official.Chennai: Demand for adult sex toys may be going up every year in Tamil Nadu with at least one parcel containing such items reaching the Chennai airport from abroad daily, but the customs department is saying a strong ‘no’ to such foreign pleasure objects.The majority of these parcels are ordered online or via postal service that land in the postal appraising department of the airport customs in Chennai from places like London, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.Unmarried men offer immense potential for intervention given the range of topics related to sex and sexual health that are discussed and the risky sexual behaviours practiced.

Spousal communication about sexual behaviour or sexual health is minimal and shifting norms for prevention would be difficult.

In this study of low-income communities residents in Chennai, India, our aim was to understand the composition of personal communication networks, the nature of information related to sex and sexual health that is exchanged in these networks and the value of communication among members of these networks. Our results indicate that information about sex and sexual health is exchanged within and between four groups: married women, married men, unmarried men and unmarried women.

We have implemented the approach in Web DSL, a domain-specific language for the definition of web applications.… continue reading »

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