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Transport and Communication Minister Brian Mushimba says the project will enhance Zambia’s regional trade and transport competitiveness.

He says government has completed the major step of the environmental impact assessment for the construction of the green field railway line. Read More » Police in Lusaka have arrested a 29 year old woman for allegedly setting on fire her 12 years old biological daughter using Kerosene.

It may be the most revelatory interview Prince ever gave. And there’s um, there’s many sides in that as well.” Finally, with a laugh: “And there was a little acting going on, too.”Prince was also uncharacteristically forthcoming about the origins of his attitudes toward women, which were at once hypersexualized and un-rockishly respectful; for all his lingerie-clad onstage foils, from Denise “Vanity” Matthews to Apollonia Kotero to Mayte Garcia, he reveled in working with gifted female musicians, from Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman in the days to the percussionist Sheila E to his most recent combo, 3rd Eye Girl.“Once my mother remarried,” he explained to Rock, “it was during the time period in my life where she had to teach me about the birds and the bees.

Rock was proudest, he told me, of daring to ask Prince about the queer-friendly image that the artist cultivated in his early years, especially on the flesh-baring covers of his second and third albums, “The androgynous thing,” Rock said to Prince. And I’ve never asked her about this, but I think there was some sort of plan to initiate me heavy and quick. I think it really affected my sexualty a great deal.”When Rock pressed Prince about potential rivalries with other musicians, Michael Jackson chief among them, the latter sidestepped the issue, saying that the rivalry mindset was alien to him. Right there, we got a problem.’”For all the candor and looseness on display, though, Prince was savvy enough to keep plenty of himself to himself—to hold that mystique intact.

That's the most important thing to know, that DC was there first.

His work includes movies such as Men in Black II, Hellboy and I Robot.That’s why both men’s deaths—unexpected despite reports of serious health problems for both—are so surreal, so devastating beyond the other boomer-generation-musician passings that we’ve experienced of late (e.g., Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane and John Bradbury of the Specials), even though, from a grim actuarial standpoint, they make a kind of sense.But unlike Bowie, who, despite the media blackout of his final decade, settled into something resembling a normal New Yorker’s family life, Prince never went so far as to embrace regular-guy-ness. Still, Rock, when I interviewed him for a 1998 so he could move from “Darling Nikki” to “Le Grind.”“Why,” Rock said, “am I the only person to have done an interesting interview with Prince? ”Well, to be fair, I had never interviewed Prince myself, and Prince was more likely to be responsive to a fellow artist of Rock’s caliber than some anonymous dude or dudette with a recorder and a notebook.Working with Jack Kirby he created a team group that had its own dynamics, had its own feel.

And he decided to aim the comic not at kids but at the 'all ages' category.

And like David Bowie, who predeceased him by three months, Prince was so utterly, effortlessly enshrouded in mystique that he seemed other-than-human, to the point where mortality never figured into our calculations.

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